The Harlot and the Harlequin

The following story is an entirely original work of fiction. All characters portrayed are fictional. Any resemblance to real persons either living or dead is most definitely intentional.
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So this is the first thing I've written in a very, very long time. The idea for the novel has been kicking around my head for a while, but since I've been having such a hard time getting it started, I decided to write a short story in medias res. Hope you liked it, please comment/review!

Persephone has emerged from the Underworld...

... and once again the world is bright and beautiful.

Honestly, I wish I would live somewhere that is like this all the time. It's 53 degrees, sunny, peaceful. Birds are singing, a gentle breeze blows, carrying the fresh scent of spring in the air. Tiny shoots of purest green are beginning to push their way through the grey earth, delicate yellow buds are beginning to open up to the world and fill it with colour. The world is awakening, it's beautiful and calm, serene. I feel so relaxed, immersing my senses in my surroundings, and I feel so alive.

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Day 1 post here: http://community.livejournal.com/steamfashion/3055305.html

So I'm on day 2 of 7 of the casual steampunk challenge, and I really like how this outfit turned out.
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The harness is the same as yesterdays, but it's reversable, so I had the green side out today!
The jacket thing is from Target, as well as the boots (hey, 10% employee discount means that practically everything I own is from there :D).
Skirt is from goodwill, and tank top is from Sears. I had play practice today, so I opted out of crazy jewelry this time.
Mata Hari

Thoughts on gooey nail polish...

I decided to paint my nails black. I was just bored, sitting at the computer. Not quite ready for bed. And I saw the nail polish bottle. So I opened it up.

Apparently, the last time I used it I forgot to screw the cap on tight enough. And apparently, nail polish can evaporate. So I my nail polish is much more viscous than usually. Almost... gooey.

But I put in on anyway. Even though it looks kinda like tar. It went on really thick and it took a while to smooth it and thin it down (but really, no more than a few seconds longer than usual per nail).

Oddly enough, it seems shinier, and it dried a lot faster. And since it went on thicker than usual (thicker than my normal coats)


I'm a romantic. I don't just mean liking long walks on the beach or a moonlit picnic (in fact, I really dislike walking on the beach, sand gets EVERYWHERE). I mean that I enjoy simple, sweet things that are a bit old fashioned. My thoroughly 21st-century friends seem to think that romantic = creepy. Things like candles and rose petals and chocolates as sweet little presents. Their idea of 'romantic' is paint ball and a trip to Taco Bell. I mean really. Since when does greasy food and pretending to kill each other constitute as 'romantic'? In my opinion, that's just a heart attack waiting to happen.

I dunno. They might settle for some diamonds or gold jewelry. But to me, that's not so much romantic as it is materialistic. They're not going to wear it because it's a token of their love, they'd be wearing it because it's shiny and they want to flaunt it. Because they want it.

That's really what the world is all about these days, it seems. Things. Things that people want. And people will get them, simply because they want them. Things aren't important because of their sentiment, but instead because the number of digits on the price tag. The world has lost it's sense of true beauty, I think. Songs aren't written about love and beauty anymore. They're written about sex and drugs and material possessions. At that pretty much sums up what's important to this generation. Casual sex, violence, drugs, and possessions. No one cares about being truly sentimental anymore.

Sure, a girl may talk about how she loves her boyfriend SOOO much, but she really doesn't. How can she? She doesn't know what it's like to love a person for who they are. She doesn't even know what love really is. She just knows that her boyfriend has a big wallet and a bigger dick. And then she tries to tell me that it's 'romantic'. Romantic my ass.

Writer's Block: Trick or treat

Do you plan to dress up this year? If so, who or what are you going to be?

Oh Hell yeah. No way I'm missing out on the opportunity to don a crazy, over-the-top costume and get free candy! I'm older, but I'm not too old for Halloween fun, it's my favorite time of year.

I usually make my own costumes. Last year I made a Queen of Hearts costume (not inspired by any of the Disney movies, it was an original design), and the year before that I made myself into a ragged pirate. (No sexy, slinky, not-period accurate costume for me!) And before that I made myself Arwen's dream gown for Halloween. Applying the elf ears was fun.

This year I had planned on making a Bellatrix Lestrange costume. I had everything planned out, I figured out what I could get from the thrift store and what I had to make from scratch, and what I'd have to buy (just her silver crow skull necklace). But sadly, this year I do not have the moolah. What little money I have needs to be saved for Wicked tickets (my bff and I have been planning to see Wicked for AGES).

So instead I'm going to use a  pseudo-medieval dress my mom bought for me on one of her business trips, and try to be Guinevere. The design isn't period correct - the sleeves are all wrong, and for god's sakes it's covered in sequins of all things. I mean really, sequins? But I think I can salvage the sleeves, and if I can find enough in the right colors, I have some glass and wooden beads I can use to replace the sequins. It's just going to take a lot of time. And I have to do it all this week, without my mom realizing it, because she doesn't trust my sewing skills and is afraid I'll ruin the dress.

Not that there's much to ruin.


A faery ring encircles the silver orb

hanging in a jewel-filled sky

The dark clouds drift, dream-like

with diamonds peaking through


Empty, claw-like branches reach their

fingers towards the sky, grasping at the

cold beauty above, yearning for a



The night is silent, cold, stark.

not even a whisper, a breath of wind

Festival fires burning bright

on Hilltops in the distance


The cold is peaceful, numbing, loving

as I sit bathed in a silver aura

The sweet melody of water over stones

calls out to me, beckoning me into

this cold, autumnal



Costume design: prom potential?

I found another sketch of mine, and after adjusting the colors in GIMP, I'm really liking it. Who knows, maybe I'll end up making it for prom. I know I most definitely want to make my own dress, and I've had a few ideas that I've been tossing around. Perhaps this one will make the cut.
Not especially steampunk, but with the right accessories it could work. So far it's a peridot green fishtail gown -- strapless and with brass buttons connected by brass chains, with a royal purple hip scarf and arm-warmers to match. Black parasol, most likely to be edged in bronze, and a short sleeved tail coat in black and bronze pin-striping. Mini-topper, lace cravat and a leather arm cuff to complete the look. If I do end up making this for prom, I'll probably end up adding my clock hand earrings as they have peridot and bronze accents.

Costume design: assassin

Assassins are awesome. They're just sexy. In fact, I think it should be an international law that all hired guns must be drop dead gorgeous. So I designed an outfit that I think an assassin should wear.

Lets see, a basic Chinese/oriental shirt with a mandarin collar, but also with dolman sleeves. Black with gold embroidery detail. Black (leather?) shorts and a brown leather garter belt and garters, with a pistol and holster! Brown heeled boots, very likely with a pocket for holding a dagger or some throwing stars.

Not a whole lot else to say about this design. I was just curious as to what a steampunk/victoriental assassin might wear, and came up with this. It's not huge on details, like most of my sketches, because I like to keep outfits fairly simple. That way, they can work as a base to build off of, allowing the wearer to accessorize according to their tastes, and make the outfit their own.

I've got a few sketches that I've already got on my computer, that I'll upload within the next couple of days. Not to mention all the outfits I haven't drawn yet.